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Furyu - Uchimizu Iaido Hakama

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Summer-ready Iaido Gi

The Furyu are our lightest iaido hakama, made from the specialised "uchimizu" fabric - this material is polyester that has been specially woven into a thin lattice lined fabric. The effect is an incredibly lgiht, but highly durable material that also had fantastic breathability.

Designed for keiko during the summer it flows over the skin easily and does not stick when you sweat. This allows for uninhibited movements during keiko.

Each Hakama is hand-made by our experienced tailors at our headquarters in Nishijin, Kyoto. Thanks to the lightweight, stretchy fabric, and specialist tailoring, it allows your movements to be effortlessly smooth. The inner pleats stitching helps maintain perfect silhouette and make for easy folding and care.

This Iaido Hakama is perfect for your intense summer practices, as they are sweat absorbing and quick-drying.

Order-made in Japan

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Alessandro Antonini
Super Light and comfy

This is by far the best Hakama I've worned, if you're looking for a light and cool option to wear in the summer, this is the one