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Essential Ballistic Nylon Shinai Bag

by Tozando

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Durable 3 Shinai Bag

This shinai bag is an extremely practical and basic style, emphasizing durability during travel and ease of use. It holds up to 3 shinai and comes with an external pocket for accessories like tsuba and tsubadome.

Made from ballistic nylon

It is made from ballistic nylon, a material developed originally for military use, but is now a staple amongst travel and luggage products. Tightly woven nylon provides an incredibly light fabric that is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. Perfect for a shinai bag that is constantly being picked up, carried, and stored during transit.

Easy to use and carry

With its adjustable strap, it is possible to use on public transport or a bicycle comfortably - perfect for kendoka looking for a versatile shinai bag that is easy to use in various contexts.