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Classic Aizome Kendo Uniform Set

by Tozando
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Traditional Aizome Hakama

Cotton Dogi and Hakama, dyed in the traditional manner with beautiful aizome indigo.  The classic kendo uniform that is beloved by many kendoka.

Single or double layer

This uniform set allows you to choose between a single-layer dogi paired with light #6000 hakama or a heavy double-layer dogi with the luxurious #10000 hakama.  both sets are made from 100% cotton and dyed using traditional indigo-dye.

Aizome indigo has long be associated with budo practitioners thanks to its antibacterial properties and beautiful hues that change over time.  The dye will bleed each session and as you wear and wash your uniform through repeated keiko it will take on unique patterns and hues that reflect the hard work and training you have undergone.

These are more difficult to maintain than synthetic uniforms because of the aizome dye.  It will bleed and make your skin and equipment blue each session, even once washed.  This is natural and not a defect.  Make sure to keep it separate from your other clothes non-kendo equipment.  Always wash separately by hand in lukewarm water and hang dry in the shade.