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Christmas Toryumon Iaito In-stock 2.45 Shaku

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Special Christmas Offer


  • 1 Toryumon V2 Iaito 2.45 shaku
  • 1 durable sword bag
  • 1 extra sageo

All in-stock and ready to ship

Paired with a durable sword bag, and extra sageo in a separate color, this set is a perfect gift for yourself or a special someone.

The Toryumon V2 Iaito

The word "toryumon" describes a climbing dragon, reaching up to a gate - it refers to the path we must all take to improve ourselves and rise to the next challenge. It is with this attitude in mind, that we hope iaidoka of all levels will use the toryumon to achieve their goals in their keiko.


  • Blade Length - 2.45 Shaku
  • Tsuka Length - 8.5 Sun
  • Hamon - Suguha
  • Tsuka - Sasasukashi
  • Saya - Kuro-ishime

Sand-cast bubble-free zinc/aluminum alloy blade.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum-zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

Basic Iaito Sword Bag

This is a simple and practical bag for holding and transporting an iaito or katana. Can carry a sword that is up to 2.5 Shaku for the Blade and 9 Sun for the tsuka.

Features a wide opening zip that is conveneient for using with a sword and tsuba. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. Made form synthetic leather it is hard-wearing and durable, finally it also features a window for a name tag or card.