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Christmas Tenryu No.1 - Habahiro 2.55 shaku 9 sun

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Special Christmas Offer


  • 1 Tenryu Iaito habahiro blade (2.55 shaku blade, 9 sun tsuka)
  • 1 Beautiful brocade sword bag
  • 1 fusa-himo
  • 1 extra sageo

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Paired with a beautiful brocade bag, fusa-himo, and extra sageo in a separate color, this set is a perfect gift for yourself or a special someone. Each set has been handpicked to best contrast these deeply colored and intricately made bags making them an absolutely beautiful Christmas gift! 


Tenryu means heavenly dragon and we see this koshirae as an evolution of our classic Genbu series Toryumon model. 

The sand-cast bubble-free zinc/aluminum alloy blade.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum-zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.