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CF-1 Hayate Karate Uniform

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Versatile and comfortable

The Hayate CF-1 uses a traditional cotton canvas yet has a modern touch.
It is made to exact standards, providing comfort and freedom of movement.
Using the No. 11 all-cotton canvas fabric, the CF-1 is incredibly comfortable and thanks to the special treatment possess a beautiful white appearance that will not fade.

The traditional canvas provides weight and definition to your movements whilst the cut and treatment make it exceptionally comfortable to move in. It feels light to wear so you can focus on natural movements and beautiful form.


100% cotton, Mitsuboshi's traditional No. 11 canvas fabric.

The #11 canvas is robust and can stand up to any training regime, remaining supple and comfortable, putting in hours of work alongside you.

Made in Japan

Designed for next-generation Karate. Tozando International

Available in:
Regular fit (A cut)
Slim fit (Y cut)
Relax fit (B cut)