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Bonji Fuchi & Kashira

by Tozando
Original price $181.56 - Original price $382.56
Original price
$181.56 - $382.56
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Bonji are sanskrit characters often used to denote important Buddha and Bodhisattva. These fittings can be made from either silver-plated or blackened brass as well as pure silver. Only silver-plated brass fittings are avialable in a wakizashi size.

Fuchi Dimensions

  • Katana - 41mm x 22.5mm x 13mm
  • Wakizashi - 38mm x 21.5mm x 12mm

Kashira Dimensions

  • Katana - 37mm x 18mm x 11mm
  • Wakizashi - 34.5mm x 16.5mm x 9.5mm