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Akatsuki - Tsumugi Iaido Gi

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The Akatsuki is made from polyester that has been spun in the "tsumugi" style, a traditional way of making silk for kimono. Traditional tsumugi fabric is made by using silk floss which is spun by hand into yarn. Once considered inferior to pure silk as it took a lot of time and work to weave the yarn into a proper garment, it is nowadays an important traditional Japanese handicraft that is internationally recognized for it's quality.

Light and durable, tsumugi polyester is a great choice for iaido gi. The slightly rougher texture makes it very similar to the fabric used for old casual kimono wear. This texture is also very comfortable in hot weather, as it doesn't stick to the skin. Compared to other polyester fabrics, it is less shiny and has a more traditional feel. Because the Tsumugi fabric also dries very fast, it's perfect for use during hot and humid weather.

Like all of our Kyoto tailored iaidogi, the akatsuki features the well known kimono tailoring known as "okumi" - which prevents the gi getting disheveled and maintains a crisp and refined silhouette.

It all results in an iaidogi that is durable, light and comfortable, with an elegant bearing. Polyester also makes the maintenance a breeze, as you can wash it directly in your washing machine and have it dry in the morning.

Color: Black