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Aikido Jinsei - My Life In Aikido

by Tozando
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Aikido Jinsei, is the autobiography of Shioda Gozo, the founder of Yoshinkan Aikido. First published in Japan in 1985, Shioda Sensei uses this book to share his experiences, his aikido and his way of life with his readers. Aikido Jinsei is remarkable for the author's extremely candid approach. Throughout the book, Shioda Sensei openly shares his most personal experiences from his childhood, his time during the war and his training with the founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei Sensei. He shares key insights about Aikido which he learned from Ueshiba Sensei and he clearly documents the events after the war which led to the establishment of the Yoshinkan and his own unique brand of Aikido.

Aikido Jinsei - along with its sister volume, Aikido Shugyo - are indispensable reading for anyone interested in the history of Aikido and the life of Shioda Gozo, one of the most dynamic martial artists of recent time. This first ever full and complete English publication includes a Foreword by the author's son, Shioda Yasuhisa Sensei, Aikido Yoshinkan Soke.

"I am extremely pleased to see that Aikido Jinsei has at last been translated into English. My father, Gozo Shioda, was the founder of Yoshinkan Aikido and Aikido Jinsei is his autobiography. The translators are two shogyosha who have devoted themselves to Aikido for many years now. I am delighted that, thanks to their diligence in translating my father's words, people all around the world who practise Aikido on a daily basis, and even those who do not, can become acquainted with Shioda Gozo's Aikido Jinsei - his life in Aikido.

I am confident that this book will inspire those who read it and I offer my heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of its publication."

Shioda Yasuhisa
Soke, Aikido Yoshinkan

The translators, Christopher Johnston and Jacques Payet, have again worked closely with the Yoshinkan Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, to bring the first full and complete translation of Aikido Jinsei to English readers.

-313 PAGES

-6" x 9" SOFT COVER

-By Shioda Gozo