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Uchimizu Fabric Furyu Iaido Gi and Hakama Set

Uchimizu Fabric Furyu Iaido Gi and Hakama Set

Furyu - Elegant Iaido wear for the discerning practitioner

The practice of Iaido requires an intense focus, whilst your mind concentrates on multiple movements, techniques and opponents. Unfortunately many Iaido i and Hakama are not tailored to especially well to keep up with the demands of this martial art. Often the provenance of an Iaido uniform is also unclear, can you trust whether the makers truly know what Iaido practioners need? This often results in hot and stuffy Iaido uniforms that stick to the skin during training, this in turn impacts your movements and restricts your techniques.

Your Iaido uniform should never restrict you, instead it should frame and accentuate your movements, compliment your techniques and enhance your form with a dignified elegance. This is the purpose of our Furyu Iaidogi and Hakama - providing the perfect canvas for your Iaido. Made entirely in Kyoto by experienced kimono tailors, the Furyu utilises traditional clothing cuts alongside specialised Uchimizu fabric. The result? A uniform that is effortless to move in and looks stunning from start to finish.

Iaido performance with Uchimizu Furyu Iaido Gi and Hakama set

Far more than just lightweight fabric

As soon as you wear the Furyu you know that you are wearing something more than just a piece of clothing. Made from the effortlessly light Uchimizu fabric, it possesses many properties beyond its weight. It is woven in a lattice that not only provides a beautiful pattern, but is also soft and slightly tactile. This allows the fabric to move with you, but still slip easily over your skin - this is perfect for the many and varied kamae in Iaido.

Image of unsheathing Iaito sword with Uchimizu Furyu Iaido Gi and Hakama set

The Uchimizu fabric gets its name from the way it actively cools your body. The highly breathable fabric allows moisture, such as sweat, to evaporate quickly whilst also helping air to circulate. This keeps you cool and fresh during training - reducing distractions and keeping you at peak performance. Most of all this makes the dogi and hakama extremely comfortable to wear. This breathability also increases the uniform's long term durability - harmful dirt deposits like salt do not build up anywhere near as readily compared to run-of-the-mill Iaido Gi and Hakama. Thanks to the pro-active way in which it evaporates moisture, the Furyu also dries after washing very quickly making maintenance and cleaning incredibly easy.

Close up image of Uchimizu Furyu Iaido uniform.

Designed by practitioners, tailored by professionals

Originally conceived and designed by Tozando's own resident Iaidoka; the Furyu is actually made in the heart of Kyoto city itself. Kyoto is famous across Japan for its skilled seamstresses and artisans, producing the finest Kimono since Heian era. Our tailors have extensive experience working on kimono, but on top of that, for over ten years they have taken these traditional skills and applied them to the creation of stunning budo wear. When you purchase a Furyu, you know that you are obtaining a genuine piece of Japanese craftsmanship that has been designed singularly for excellence in Iaido.

Tozando Kimono craftsman tailoring Uchimizu Furyu Iaido Gi and Hakama set

Though we often use modern materials and tools, our methods are traditional and backed up by years of expertise and centuries of cultural tradition. Our tailors take no shortcuts when making the Furyu, ensuring each piece matches our exacting standards of quality. The skills of our tailors directed by the knowledge of practitioners ensures the Furyu is not only fit for purpose, but also reliable throughout many years of training. Practitioners can trust in the fact that their uniform has been designed by Iaidoka for Iaidoka.

Close up image of Uchimizu Furyu Iaido Hakama's Koshiita

Dignified form with a timeless style

The concept of "chakusou" - how you wear your clothing and equipment - is a key element of Iaido. Just as your movements and techniques must be precise and powerful, so too must be the care in which you put into your appearance. A sloppy Iaido Gi will detract from your presence and form and even go so far as to obscure the beauty of your techniques. The Furyu is no ordinary set of dogi and hakama; taking inspiration from Kyoto's illustrious history of kimono, it incorporates the traditional cut of the okumi kimono. Neat and dignified, this ensures the dogi is constantly neat and cuts a sharp silhouette, throughout keiko.

Back side view of Uchimizu Furyu Iaido Gi

Available in both Kimono sleeve and regular sleeve versions, the Furyu accentuates your movements and endows your iaido with a classical style. This helps you generate that dignified atmosphere that Iaido is so well known for. Combined with Tozando's signature hakama tailoring the full set guarantees you perfect form from the first rei to the last.

Close up image of Uchimizu Furyu Hakama's pleats

Customer Voices

See what our customers are already saying about the Furyu:

Five stars ratingJean Philippe from France
And what can I say about this set ...just marvelous I can't wait to wear it . It's very soft. You can see that's it's a high quality product, can't say anything else other than buy it, you won't regret it!
Five stars ratingTS from the United States
Very elegant set. Feels very light and airy when practicing. The fit is perfect!
Five stars ratingWim van Bee from the Netherlands
The fitting of the Furyu Set is perfect.
Five stars ratingVadim Zavodny from Israel
High quality set. Ideal combination with Tozando cotton juban.
Five stars ratingHomero from Mexico
It fits very well, and it´s comfortable to practice.

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Iaido practitioner drawing a sword

Elegant performance through genuine craftsmanship

Say farewell to run-of-the-mill Iaido wear that inhibits your movements and are uncomfortable to practice in. The Furyu allows you to move effortlessly and looks stunning whilst you perform techniques. The specialised Uchimizu fabric proactively cools you providing a hygienic uniform that remains fresh throughout training. Each set is crafted by kimono artisans with decades of experience, so you know you are getting the best quality and a genuine product of Japanese craftsmanship.