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Tozando - Obon Holidays 2020

The Obon festivals held across Japan often involve taiko drumming.

From the 8th until the 16th of August our staff and craftsmen will be taking a break to celebrate the traditional Japanese festive period of Obon.  We will still be taking orders during this period, but will not be able to answer any messages or emails - we are sorry for the inconvenience!

Do not worry, we can still take your orders and we will process them as quickly as we can when we return on Monday the 17th of August.  We will also get back to any questions or emails we received over this period.

Please bear with us as we strive to get through the backlog of orders and messages, they tend to build up over holidays and can take some time to clear.  There may be a delay in responses from the 17th, but we will work our hardest to get through all of them as quickly as possible.  Thank you so much for your kindness and udnerstanding!

Enjoy your week and we will see you on the otherside, don't forget to make the msot of our Grand Opening Sale which will end when we get back from Obon - all orders are 10% off with the coupon code: GO2020.