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Tozando 3 Year Kendo Bogu Warrenty Policy

Tozando 3 Year Kendo Bogu Warrenty Logo

For nearly 30 years, Tozando has been providing Kendo practitioners from all over the world with high quality equipment directly from Japan, Kyoto. It is our goal to provide the best quality equipment, made using traditional methods by experienced craftsmen that knows what they do, and because of this we take pride in our work and have great confidence in the finished products.

Even so, we know that the process to buy a Bogu can be discouraging, not only the fact that it can be expensive, but there are also several other factors that can make one think twice, such as problems with damaged goods during shipping or manufacturing defects.

We considered what we can do for you, our customers, to enhance your experience and to allow you to buy Bogu with ease and with the comfort of knowing that Tozando will take care of any problems.

This is why we proudly introduce our 3 year Kendo Bogu warranty policy. This means that we will repair or exchange any Bogu purchased from Tozando within a 3 year period, free of charge, from the date the product was delivered to the customer, as long as it doesn't go against our terms & conditions for this warranty.

By doing this, we hope that we can give our customers a greater sense of security when buying Bogu from Tozando and we hope that this will lead to further promote the development of Budo outside of Japan.

General terms and conditions

  • Only Bogu that have been purchased directly through Tozando are eligible for the 3 year Bogu warranty. Tozando products purchased through other retailers must be returned in accordance with their respective returns and refunds policy.
  • The customer must contact Tozando before returning any products and has to provide a invoice/order number or other proof that the product has been purchased from Tozando.
  • The shipping cost to Japan has to be paid by the customer, however, the repair is free and Tozando will pay for the shipping back to the customer.
  • If a product can't be repaired, we will exchange it with a product with similar value and quality. However, please note that the design might be slightly different.
  • The Tozando 3 year Bogu warranty is only available for international customers.

What is included in the warranty?

Tozando warrants the Tozando-made Kendo Bogu against defects in materials and workmanship when the equipment is used in a proper way in Kendo practice for a period of 3 years, from the original date of delivery to the customer.

What is not included in the warranty?

The following parts are not included in the warranty, due to them being consumable parts, unless the damage is due to a defect in materials or workmanship:

  • Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and damage to the Urushi lacquer or Indigo-dye on the Bogu due to regular practice
  • Tenouchi (the palm leather of the Kote)
  • Tare Obi
  • Men/Do Himo
  • Chichikawa
  • Herikawa
  • Items that can be deemed intentionally damaged or damaged due to bad maintenance/improper usage of the equipment

Please note that wrongly sized items can only be returned/exchanged in the case that Tozando did not follow the instructions provided by the customer and does not fall under the warranty.

*Please note that Tozando reserves the right to change the conditions of the warranty at any time.
**Although some parts of a Bogu is not under warranty, Tozando can repair them, there will however be an extra fee for such repairs.

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