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Custom Do - Mune Kazari Options

When ordering a custom do we can provide the following designs for the mune kazari-ito - the braids that decorate the surface of the mune.

Some designs have a second shokko as indicated by the pink area shaded inside. Please let us know what second shokko design you would like in this case.

In terms of practical effect, most kazari are decorative, but those designs with braids that encircle the mune are more likely to keep a shinai tip on the chest after munetzuki or an accidental collision. This can prevent the shinai from slipping up and hitting your throat from under the tsukidare.

The Sangai Matsu kazari depicts the classic silhouette of Japanese pine trees.
TM001 - Sangai Matsu
This kazari represents a horizon of stormy clouds.
TM002 - Onigumo
Hongumo is a classic kazari that represents clouds.
TM003 - Hongumo
This kazari is characterised by its consecutive cursive S characters.
TM004 - S-Ji
This kazari is a combination of the Hongumo and S-Ji kazari.
TM005 - Hongumo S-Ji
This kazari is a slight variation on the S-Ji design, specifically from the Tokyo region.
TM006 - Tokyo S-Gata
This impressive kazari depicts chaotic clouds encircling the mune.
TM007 - Rangumo
This simple design is enduringly popular amongst kendoka who want a simple and practical look.
TM008 - Souzashi A
This kazari features fout clous along the bottom of the mune.
TM009 - Yotsugumo
The style of this kazari is mdoelled after the crests featured on yoroi armour.
TM0010 - Kabuto A
This kazari is a good alternative to sozashi for those that want a little bit of visual interest.
TM0011 - Yamazashi
This kazari keep a alrge open space for your main shokko, but includes a lwoer portion for a second compliemntary design.
TM0012 - Joudanzashi Shokko-iri
This kazari depicts a butterfly.
TM0013 - Chocho
This is a slight variation of the Sozashi kazari.
TM0014 - Souzashi B
This is a comibnation of the onigumo and S-Ji kazari.
TM0015 - Onigumo S-Ji
This is a variation of the Onigumo design, including a secondary shokko beneath the clouds.
TM0016 - Onigumo Shokko-iri
This is a striking asymmetric design.
TM0017 - Date
This is an encircling variation on the kabuto helemt theme.
TM018 - Kumo Kabuto
This is a stylistic representation of clouds above and below on the mune.
TM019 - Joge Kumogata
This is another variation on the helmet crest kabuto kazari.
TM020 - Kabuto 'B'
This kazari design is based on bat wings.
TM021 - Komori
This kazari represents a distant mountain flanked by tall clouds.
TM022 - Yamagumo
This kazari depicts two wings.
TM023 - Tsubasa
This simple kazari is a depiction of clouds using S characters.
TM025 - S-Kumo
This is a variation on the S-Ji kazari originating in the Kanto region.
TM026 - Kanto S-Ji
This kazari places three large clouds at the base of the mune.
TM027 - Mitsugumo