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Standard Cotton Naginata Gi

by Tozando

Original price $41.28 - Original price $48.62
Original price
$41.28 - $48.62
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Classic Naginata Keiko Gi, with improved design. 100% cotton, lightweight and traditionally cut, with elastic sleeve hems (to avoid ishzuki of Naginata getting caught in the sleeves). The two himo sets are already sewn to the Gi, and provide for a neat closing (one set inside on left breast, other at right hip). No apparent himo on the chest, to avoid getting them undone during practice. This model has 2 low side pockets that you can reach through the hakama slits (for tasuki, whistle, tenugui, etc... Attention however: if you wear you hakama very low, pocket might show above hakama line) Available in a wide size range.

Recommended Sizes by Height

  • Size 1: 135-150cm
  • Size 2: 150-165cm
  • Size 3: 165-175cm
  • Size 4: 175-185cm
  • Size 5: 185+

Customer Reviews

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Good Quality. Excelent service.

I have been ordering from Tozando for a while now, and the quality of there products is very high. Not only that, but there customer service has been very helpful whenever I've had any difficulties or questions. I highly recommend purchasing from Tozando International.