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Naginata Sune-ate

by Tozando
Original price $156.51 - Original price $160.55
Original price
$156.51 - $160.55
Current price $156.51
The sune-ate is a piece of Naginata Bogu that protects the shins, knees and ankle during practice.
Those sune-ate have been carefully designed as a great Naginata protective equipment, with enhancements based on usage and experience of practitioners.

The wide size range will satisfy most of users*.

The base futon is quite thick and offer very good shock absorption due to it's diamond stitching. It provides also the comfort of a perfect fit around the shin. It is indigo dyed to prevent mold.
Protection is even enhanced with extra cushions on each side of ankles and knees, covered with durable black synthetic leather.

Extra care has been put in the himo design to prevent tearing. Sewn to the sune-ate with a leather reinforcement, they feature also double layer and extra stitching at the origin, where himo usually breaks.

Bamboo slats are matte black finish. S and M models are 5 slats, L and LL have 6 slats. LL model is 1.3kg a pair.

All this wrapped in the very high quality finishing of the stitchings and construction.

Sold in pair.

To choose your sune-ate, measure the length between the top of your knee and below your anklebone.
This length must be compared to the "Length" in the table below (measurements can slightly vary).

Size A-Length (cm) B-Max. Width (cm) Weight (kg/pair)
S 39 26.5 0.8
M 44 28.5 0.9
L 46.5 33.5 1.2
LL 52 33.5 1.3

*Please excuse us as we are currently unable to offer custom length or other customization on this model.