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Deluxe Cotton Naginata Gi

Original price $78.90 - Original price $95.40
Original price
$78.90 - $95.40
Current price $78.90

This superior naginata specific dogi is made from locally sourced cotton and made at Mitsuboshi's tailors in Northern Japan. The fabric is double lined on the upper half to prevent unwanted transparency in hot or humid conditions, the lapel is also thick and reinforced to keep it even and comfortable throughout training. A mesh lining is provided at the back to enhance breathability.

It has been designed specifically with Naginata in mind with two sets of himo to keep it secure and elasticated cuffs to prevent interference with the naginata.

Mitsuboshi has long been regarded as one of japan's finest tailors of budo uniforms - they have poured their 65 years of experience and exacting attention to detail into bringing this refined and elegant naginata dogi to market.