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Yoichi - Carbon Fiber Yumi

Original price $675.23 - Original price $675.23
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$675.23 - $675.23
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This one of Tozando Heian Yumi-gu's original yumi - the Yoichi. Compared to glass fiber, the resilience and tension of the mateiral is greater resulting in a faster and more powerful release. It is reocmmended for practitioners looking to improve the accuracy of their shooting.

Much like the galss fiber version the Yoichi Carbon is designed to be used for many years thanks to its high durability and is recommended to rpactitioners of all ages and experience thanks to its wide range of avialable draw weights.


*All Yumi will include a tsuru (bow string) with your order

*The image is only a sample. The actual color of the Yumi may vary (either yellow or red).