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The Nyumon Kyudo Mens Beginner Set

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For Nyumon

Just starting out? This is the perfect set for you! When first beginning down the path that is kyudo, the first steps will be made with these basic items. Includes an easy-to-care-for and fold hakama and dogi that is also wonderfully comfortable to wear while still looking the part! The high-quality cotton obi is beautifully made and resilient enough to last for years as you progress in Kyudo. Maintain a graceful and elegant appearance thanks to the lovely white Tabi! The Elastic Yumi (bow) is the perfect starter tool to learn the basics of drawing the Japanese Yumi without the need to invest hundreds of dollars from the beginning. Get started down the path today with the perfect beginner set! 

This set includes:

Polyester Hakama
Cotton Poly Blend Dogi
100% Cotton Obi
Elastic bow trainer