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Tailored Kendo Hakama

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※Due to a high demand, production time can take 5-6 weeks at the moment.

Simply Unsurpassed

The Tozando headquarters have been based in Kyoto's district of Nishijin for many years now, an area of the city that has long been famous for traditional tailoring, in particular in the production of Japanese kimono.

Made in Kyoto

At Tozando's main store, we have a full team of former kimono tailors and artisans who work each day to produce the finest examples of budo wear in the industry. Our tailored hakama and dogi are the result of extensive research we have made throughout the years and is therefore based on our tailor's perpetual awareness of the design and development of traditional Japanese clothing.

Made to fit you

We off you the chance to own a completely tailor-made hakama, made exclusively to your measurements and requirements. Specially developed for use in Kendo, these hakama feature a sturdy koshi-ita, to give additional support to the lower back and help encourage a correct posture. Each of our Custom Hakama are completely made to order, by professional tailors here in Kyoto, Japan. Every effort is made to ensure that each garment is produced with the utmost care and attention and that no corners are cut in their manufacturing. For this reason, production usually takes around 4-6 weeks as standard.

Customer Reviews

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Janne Kaasalainen
Fantastic customer service

...and the product is great too.

It's always a bit nerving to order customised products for the first time. The first orders typically are not quite what you want but require minor adjustments.

I was asking for a non-default customisations for embroidery. While there was a problem, those always happen and what matters is how those get solved. The customer service helped to fix my issues and in the end, the hakama is wonderful now. The length is spot on, the fabric feels warm and heavy.