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Michi - 6mm Orizashi Kote

by Tozando

Original price $94.00 - Original price $94.00
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$94.00 - $94.00
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The Michi - 6mm Orizashi Kote have a tendency to run slightly small. For a more comfortable fit, we suggest ordering on size larger than the size chart shows. 

The Michi model is a light weight, easy to use Kote with great durability and impact absorption, at a very competitive price! By using a new type of padding, we have been able to produce a extremely lightweight, yet thicker and more protective type of Futon for this Kote.

Thanks to the carefully prepared materials and the skills of our craftsmen, we have constructed this Kote so that the Kote Himo will not shift and open up the Kote unnecessary with time, which is a very common problem.

Customer Reviews

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Barbara Sepulveda
Good Kote

I tried the kote and they are very comfortable to wear, they also cushion blows well for the uchikomi, I am happy with them.
Thank You!!