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Aizome Cotton Kendo Hakama

by Tozando

Original price $122.10 - Original price $142.30
Original price
$122.10 - $142.30
Current price $122.10

Summer-ready Traditional Hakama

Looking for traditional hakama that are light enough to be worn during the summer? Our classic #6000 Hakama use a lightweight fabric with genuine aizome indigo dye. Easy to move in during hot weather, but retaining the elegance and comfort of traditional cotton hakama.

The #7000 fabric is also easy to move in, but more comfortable and durable than thinner weaves, combined with traditional aizome dye for that timeless kendo look. A great choice for any kendoka.

The dense #10000 weave hakama are heavy and very soft to the touch. These hakama are finished using the classic aizome indigo dye that kendo uniforms are famous for. If you are looking for a warm and very comfy pair hakama in the traditional style, these are the ones for you.

*The following size are currently out of stock at the moment and will be in stock again around the end of July.

7000 Size : 27.5, 28



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Too good for its price

This feels criminally affordable for the unmatched quality it offers from the moment you try it on. This hakama holds up well and provides the sharp appearance often lost in synthetic and/or non-cotton hakama after several uses. The colour-bleeding is part of the experience in high-quality gear so don't be surprised when you go blue!

will last for a long time

The 7000 weight is perfect for training and grading. The aizome dye does bleed, which means that as the years of training go by, these hakama will show the character of their use. They do need care and attention in storing and cleaning but the cotton and aizome aesthetic beats the synthetic look in my opinion, the gradual change as training goes on is desirable. Tozando service and shipping is always attentive.

Alfred Ong
Great Value for a Classic Aizome Hakama

I found the #7000 to be perfect for training and would be presentable in gradings. Paired with the aizome single layer cotton Kendōgi, it presents a classic and dignified presence that synthetics just cannot match. Good value is a bonus.