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Japanese Hokkaido Oak Bokuto

by Tozando

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$64.50 - $115.00
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Wooden Weapon Grown and made in Hokkaido, Japan.

"The Akan region of Hokkaido is blessed with natural beauty and is a popular tourist destination. The wood used to produce these wooden weapons is planted, cultivated, and processed completely in Hokkaido, Japan.

The wood, having withstood the wind and snow in the harsh Akan environment is perfectly suited for bokuto in terms of hardness, weight, and durability.

We hope that these bokuto can be used by many people while also helping maintain this industry in Hokkaido and promote the spread and development of kendo."

Vice President of the Hokkaido Kendo Federation
Kendo Hanshi, Kazuo Furukawa

The best material for wooden swords: Japanese Oak

Hokkaido oak, which grows strongly and withstands the wind and snow of the cold northern lands, can reach heights of up to 35 meters and some trees are more than 1,000 years old. The oak and its characteristics have been thoroughly examined, and the wooden swords are carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen in the company's own specialist woodworking workshop.

Robust, durable, and water-resistant

Not only is it robust, durable, and water-resistant, but the beauty and elegance of the oak, which is neither too heavy nor too light, makes it the ideal wood for wooden swords for kendo and other martial arts, swinging, and kata practice.


Daito: Approximatively 101.5 cm and 500 g.
Chuto: Approximatively 91 cm and 350 g.
Shoto: Approximatively 54.5 cm and 250 g.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beautifully Crafted Bokuto

I’m so happy with my Bokuto. The craftsmanship is perfect, balance, weight, aesthetic, it is all 100%. Thank you so much for your work. I will be back!

Robert Theis
Japanese White Oak Bokken

Received this just a few weeks ago. I’ve used it in class 3 times already and so far it is holding up great. The quality, fit, and finish of this bokken are outstanding. Having never used one before, I thought for sure it would crack or break in half after a few solid hits. To my surprise it barely has a mark on it. Would definitely recommend this to anyone that is interested in a really solid bokken for training.

Darren Lee
Perfect for those new to Iaido

I purchased the Bokuto (Bokken?), as I'm only just starting out on my Iaido path, and it doesn't disappoint, the version I received is immaculately finished, the plastic Saya, on mine at least, fits very snugly, add to that the plastic Tsuba, and this training sword is a very nice addition to your starter training gear.

Simon de Visscher

Japanese Hokkaido Oak Bokuto

Marco Colla
A great bokuto

I purchased this item to train properly and it’s really light, resistant and quite versatile. Can’t’ look forward to progress in my journey with it.