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Mokkei - 5mm Konyakko Kote

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Made in Japan

Each pair of Mokkei Kote is handmade by the Japanese craftsman at our Iwate workshop. Many practitioners chose the Mokkei as the best pair for competition as well as keiko because of its flexible wrist and the comfort of wearing it, being handmade.

Please bear in mind that should the item be out of stock, it may take 2 months for production and restock of the item.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alfred Ong
Best Value for the Quality

This is The Best Value Kote you can buy. Great Fitting. Excellent Quality. Comfortable. Flexible. Good Protection. Made in Japan! I am ordering my second pair.

Gekko KazeMizu
This is your second skin. One of the Best and comfortable Kote!

This is one of the most comfortable kote that I ever owned, it is just like your second skin, and the wrist area of this kote is so flexible for your swing and you can see Kote swaying up and down easily like water wave without wearing it, Also it will help you swing correctly and your hand does not get tired easily, furthermore your fingers not cramping up inside of Kote, especially your left hand's last 4th and 5th fingers. If you like to order this Kote then you need to measure your hand accurately and select the correct size when you order. Please make sure you review the sizing chart image before you place an order, because each Kote and style has many different sizing charts at Tozando website. you will not regret it with this Kote. I am going to order a second of this Kote. Also It is proudly made in Japan by Kote experts and many serious 7 dan Kendo players wear this Kote during their competition.
Note: if you have question email Tozando and they have one of the best customer care and service.