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Bioclean 4mm Clarino Tare

by Tozando
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This traditionally styled and elegant tare combines our classic construction methods with our innovative modern Bioclean treatment.

4mm stitching is made flexible by our pitch-zashi construction and the protective futon is reinforced with Bioclean treated synthetic clarino leather.

The reverse side of this tare is lined with antibacterial and breathable sillead fabric, helping to absorb and wick your perspiration away from you and the bogu allowing it to evaporate off, whilst simultaneously neutralizing bacteria and odor, thanks to the Bioclean treatment.

This not only makes it more comfortable to use during keiko, but decreases drying times and increases long term durability.


 *As this is a limited edition item that will not be re-produced, once the sizes run out they are gone.  This also makes it an outlet item that is not eligible for returns so please double-check your size before making a purchase!