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Nihonto Microfibre Repair Mat

by Tozando
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This luxurious microfibre mat/towel displays a sword made by a recognised craftsmen alongside that craftsman's favoured motto. It makes a perfect mat for when you need to rest your iaito or shinken (or even shinai!) whilst performing maintenance.

The mat's microfibre material is incredibly gentle and will not scratch the surface of parts like the saya or the blade. In fact it is also useful for removing dust and loose particles from any surfaces you are working on without adding moisture.

Finally it can also be used as a personal towel for wiping away sweat or drying after a shower. Another perk of the material is its resistance to water allowing it to dry incredibly quickly.

Choose between four renowned artisans; Bizen-den sword-smith Yoshihara Kuniie, Miyairi Kozaemon Yukihara, successor to the legendary Miyairi Yukihara, Gassan Sadatoshi, inheritor of the Gassan Koto school, based in Nara prefecture or Mikami Sadanao, considered an intangible cultural asset of Hiroshima prefecture.