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Basic Tetron Iaido Uniform Set

by Tozando

Original price $155.90 - Original price $155.90
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$155.90 - $155.90
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This Basic Iaido Gi and Hakama set for beginners includes a Basic polyester Iaido Gi and a Basic Tetron Hakama at a great price!

This complete uniform set also includes a Juban and Iaido Obi making this a complete 4 piece set!

This basic Tetron Gi has himo ties, so whatever the exertion it will stay neatly closed. The Gi is made with durable polyester fabric and has a great cost performance for this price range. This basic quality Tetron Hakama is made of durable polyester/rayon blend material and suitable for Iaido starters. The Hakama has inner-stitched pleats to keep the pleats neat for easier folding and maintenance. The Obi has 4 rows of stitching and has an appropriate filling, making it comfortable to wear and provide a sturdy hold around your hips. The approximate size of the Obi is 380 x 6cm, making it adequate for most people.