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Quick-tie Kaku Obi

by Tozando

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Used often in Iaido, but also other budo, the kaku obi secures your dogi firmly as well as provides a place insert swords and a firm wall to breath against. Traditional kaku obi can be somewhat laborious to tie, so this kaku obi comes pre-knotted and with an attachment that allows you to wind it and secure it in a second. Made in the heart of Kyoto's weaving district, Nishijin, this is still made in the traditional manner despite its modern twist. Approximately 240cm x 9.5cm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nadir Alioui
Excellent product but too small

If you have even a little bit of tummy and are taller than 1m80, this is going to be too small for you. It fits max 90cm waist size.
But the product is very well done, with strong materials, and it is beautiful.

Maria Q
A Beautiful and Functional Obi

I have been wearing this beautiful Obi for over 6 months now in my training. I have some limitations in one shoulder from an old injury and this Obi has changed everything! It is well made with many fine details
Thank You!