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Organic Iaido Hakama

by Tozando

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100% Organic Cotton

This Tozando Original Hakama is made from 100% organic cotton.

Traditional Color Choice  

On top of the traditional color choice of black and navy, we have expanded our range to also include olive green and brown, to allow for a larger individualization.

Traditionally Hakama did not only come in two colors. Colors were used depending on the season and what was available, which is why you can see pictures of old practitioners using many different kinds of colors. We want to bring back this practice, and allow more freedom of choice during practice.

Eco-friendly & Made for Iaido

These Hakama are designed specifically for Iaido training. It comes with a stiff Koshiita, which helps keep a good strong posture during practice. It also comes with stitched inner pleats making care for the Hakama after practice exceptionally easy.

The Hera is secured to the inside of the back of the Hakama to keep the Hakama in place even after many hours of practice. The belts are made of the same soft yet strong cotton fabric as the Hakama itself meaning they will keep everything nice and tight during the whole session.

It also features two hanging loops on the inside of the Hakama that can be used for drying the Hakama after training or after wash. The loops can also be used to put into your belt to keep the height of the Hakama steady while putting on the hakama.

*Production usually takes 4 weeks.

Color: Black