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by Tozando
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A Dotanuki(literally means "sword that cuts through torsos") is a Japanese swordmithing school and the sword design was first developed by the master swordsmith Dotanuki Kunikatsu. Made to slice through its target with a single cut, a sword of Dotanuki design is characterized by its thicker and heavier blade. Once a favorite weapon of Japan's feudal warlords, or Daimyo, this sword design was considered to be the apex of military dynamism and power. In fact, in honor of this great smithing achievement, Kiyomasa gave Kunikatsu part of his own name as an accolade. Thereafter, Kunikatsu became know as Masakuni, and swords of the Dotanuki Masakuni design were forever guaranteed a place in the halls of Japan's long history. In preproducing this famous sword we have remained true to Dotanuki's most characteristic trademarks: the elegance of simplicity, dynamism and power. This Dotanuki Masakuni Koshirae is the ultimate version of all Dotanuki style Iaito swords. Fuchi/Kashira, Kurigata, Kojiri and two Saya Dowa are made of copper with Tsuchime Uchidashi(hand-hammered pattern) style theme. The iron Tsuba features the Acala known as Fudo Myo-O and approximately one-third of Saya features the the black gloss rattan-wrapped Sendan style while the rest of two-third has the beautifully luxurious Kuronuri Itomaki, that is, black coiled thread finish. Tsuka is wrapped with the black genuine leather over the stingray. The blade with two grooves on each side is made of sand-casted, reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy and features the Masakuni's signature Suguha Hamon. *A zinc/aluminum alloy blade is not constructed for cutting and/or hitting any objects, further it cannot be sharpened. Please do not attempt these actions. Features A sand-casted, reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy blade with reproduction of Masakuni's Hamon Double grooved Hi Approximately 1,150 gram without the Saya. Black genuine leather Tsuka Hinerimaki wrapping over stingray skin Copper Fuchi/Kashira with Tsuchime Uchidashi(hand-hammered pattern) finish Copper Kurigata with Tsuchime Uchidashi(hand-hammered pattern) finish Copper Kuwagata style O-jiri with Tsuchime Uchidashi(hand-hammered pattern) finish Copper Saya Dowa with with Tsuchime Uchidashi(hand-hammered pattern) finish Blackened iron Tsuba featuring the thme of the Acala known as Fudo Myo-O Brass Menuki with coiling dragon theme Luxurious Kuronuri Itomaki(black coiled thread finish) with part black gloss rattan-wrapped Sendan style Handmade in Japan.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.