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Basic Tetron Iaido Uniform Set

by Tozando

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This Basic Iaido Gi and Hakama set for beginners includes a Basic polyester Iaido Gi and a Basic Tetron Hakama at a great price!

This complete uniform set also includes a Juban and Iaido Obi making this a complete 4 piece set!

This basic Tetron Gi has himo ties, so whatever the exertion it will stay neatly closed. The Gi is made with durable polyester fabric and has a great cost performance for this price range. This basic quality Tetron Hakama is made of durable polyester/rayon blend material and suitable for Iaido starters. The Hakama has inner-stitched pleats to keep the pleats neat for easier folding and maintenance. The Obi has 4 rows of stitching and has an appropriate filling, making it comfortable to wear and provide a sturdy hold around your hips. The approximate size of the Obi is 380 x 6cm, making it adequate for most people.

Customer Reviews

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Darren Lee
Perfect for those new to Iaido

I bought from Tazando as my Sensei recommended them, especially the starter sets, and I have to say I'm very happy with my purchase and the quality, comfort and so on. All required Dogi etc. is included, at a very reasonable price that's not prohibitive, something that might put students off trying Iaido; startup costs I feel can play a major factor in someone taking up new interests. The price and quality of the set is a no brainer, for less than £120 you get all you need, now just need to get your Bokken, and or Iaito ;) (and yes the Bokken from Tazando are very nice too).

Peter Hunt, Perth Japanese sword school.
Basic Tetron Iaido Uniform Set

Whilst the title of the uniform/equipment says Basic, this uniform is far from basic. It provides a student with the correct and full amount of clothing required for training in Iaido.
It is of reasonable quality and and presents very well.

Miranda Wee
Comfortable and cool for summer

This set is excellent for the hot summer and is light but also quality and sturdy. Very happy with it.


I really love everything in this order, highly recommended.

Salomon Naveda
Iaido uniform

Totally recomended, fits really good, durable material, comfortable to practice Iaido.