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Tailored Iaido Hakama

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※Due to a high demand, production time can take 5-6 weeks at the moment.


Based in the heart of traditional Japanese tailoring - Nishijin, Kyoto - our Heian Tailors are renowned both in Japan and around the world for the quality of their hakama. There is nothing better than practicing in a uniform that was made from scratch to your exact measurements and specifications - let our tailors take your designs for the perfect hakama and bring it to life.

Each hakama is drawn up, cut and constructed by hand right here in Kyoto at our headquarters. Our team of experienced tailors can offer a huge variety of materials so you can match your hakama to the demands of your keiko. Provide us with completely custom measurements and allow for a cut that suits your build and body type.

Thanks to their extensive experience in making traditional kimono, our Heian Tailors provide an unmatched finish that is designed specifically for Iaido with the direct input of our practicing Renshi and Kyoshi staff. The koshi-ita, for example, is designed and shaped specifically to provide sturdy support to your lower-back and foster correct posture. We can also stitch the inner pleats on request to ease maintenance and provide an excellent silhouette.

Every effort is made to ensure that each garment is produced with the utmost care and attention, and no corners are cut in their manufacturing. For this reason, production usually takes around 4-6 weeks as standard. Please feel free to inquire if you have any special requests or questions.

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Ricardo Laremont
Custom hakama

Supreme tailoring. Perfect fit. Sturdy materials.