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Embu - Striped Silket Iaido Hakama

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Named "Embu" after the prestigious demonstrations that you often see these hakama worn at. These beautiful hakama sport a traditional striped design available in a variety of patterns and colors.

The hakama are made from silket - a 40% wool, 40% polyester and 20% rayon blend. This material behaves like silk, but is incredibly durable and comfortable to wear.

This silket fabric is then tailored by hand at Heian Workshop in Kyoto. Our experienced tailors have a background in kimono and traditional Japanese clothing, perfect for crafting refined and elegant hakama.

Featuring stitched inner pleats and a hand-sewn koshi-ita, these hakama are durable and maintain their form elegantly throughout keiko and embu.

Perfect for any iaidoka expecting to demonstrate, perform or run a seminar. Available in a choice of colors and pattern variations.