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Tsubaki Deluxe Bokuto

by Tozando

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This Deluxe Camellia Bokken is made of selected high quality Camellia wood grown in Japan and features a ridged spine and rounded butt for a more realistic Shinken feeling when training. Available in Long and Short versions.
This long model is recommended for Aikido and Koryu pracitioner for suburi and general paired contact kata practice.

What is Camellia?

Camellia is also know as 'Tsubaki' in Japanese. Camellia is probably mainly known for producing beautiful flowers during winter to early spring, but Kendo practitioners recognize the Camellia as a source of great wood for Bokken.
The wood from the Camellia is know for it's luxurious color and it's fine grains which gives it a very smooth feel. Camellia Bokken can also be characterized by it being very hard while also being resilient, which makes it strong against impact and damage. The hardness of Camellia wood is comparable to that of Isu and Sunuke, making it very preferable for making Bokken.

※Due to the unique shape of the mine ridge on this bokuto, standard plastic tsuba will not fit and leather tsube will need to be modified/ shaven to fit correctly. As this can be dangerous, Tozando cannot recommend customers do so and if they do, Tozando cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or product damage that may incur.  

*Due to the concerns for the health of our wooden workshop artisans, varnish will be replaced by wax for the finishing of all of wooden weapons.

*Each individual item will have distinct color variations.

Made of high quality Camellia wood
"Kenmine" sword-like ridged spine
Rounded handle butt
Total length: 101.5cm (approx. 40")
Blade: 75.5cm
Handle: 26cm
Weight: Approx. 500-550 grams
All handmade by Japanese expert craftsmen
Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

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Dennis Albrethsen

Tsubaki Deluxe Bokuto

Michael W
Very fine

My first training weapon is one of these and its perfect. Nice wood. Good mass. Excellent craft work.