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Brown Canvas Drawstring Bogu Bag

by Tozando

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This is a traditional drawstring style bogu bag that is made from a durable brown canvas fabric. Lightweight and easy to use, this is a practical choice for budoka that prefer a tradtiional feel to their equipment.

Adult's Bag Approximate Dimensions: 49cm x 39cm x 28cm

Child's Bag Approximate Dimensions: 46cm x 36cm x 23cm

Customer Reviews

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nice bag but a bit small for adult

A nice, simple bogu bag. Construction and support at the bottom of the bag is very nice. Down side is that it is not that big. I am an average sized adult (height 174cm and waist 31"), wearing normal adult sized bogu. My do is a tight fit in the bag. When I put my bogu and gi/hakama, it is a very tight fit. The bag would be perfect if it had little bit more room, just another inch in length, width, and height.