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Iaido Knee Protector

by Tozando

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This knee protector provides maneuverable padding that is attached to your knee with Velcro straps rather than a simple slip-on. This means that it holds its position better and is more comfortable to sit in seiza with.

The protector comes in black or white and is sold individually.

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Zsolt József Kovács
Iaido Knee Protector - in iaido practice

It can be put on very quickly and fits well to the knee joint. Another advantage is that it can even be worn over pants, so you can quickly apply knee protection without changing clothes for a quick workout in street clothes.
It has become a valued part of my training equipment. Thanks for that Tozando!

Oriol Balda Font

Iaido Knee Protector

Wade Campbell
Very comfortable and works well

Fits nicely and doesn't come loose. For someone who has knee issues, these let me practice a lot longer than I could without them.