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A-1 Alpha Cross - 6mm Orizashi Bogu Set

by Tozando
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Ergonomic Cross-stitch Futon

The original A-1 Alpha design, combined with the benefits of a cross-stitch futon. The A-1 Alpha Cross Men maximizes comfort and protection without hindering your movements. Both mendare are obliquely cut and the cross-hatch stitching is orientated diagonally, this maximizes movement and makes it especially comfortable for jodan practitioners.

Protective Design

The pair of kote combines the classic A-1 alpha design with an extra protective cross-stitch futon. These are incredibly flexible and easy to move and cut in but also possess excellent protective capabilities.

The A-1 Alpha Cross Tare seeks to provide you with essential protection at no cost to your movement and mobility. To promote a positive style of kendo the hara obi have been slimmed alongside obliquely cut naname-zashi odare - this results in a very comfortable fit that does not restrict your movements. The cross-stitch finish also makes it flexible and protective.

The A-1 Alpha Cross Kote tend to run a bit small. For this reason we recommend choosing one size up from what the size chart shows for the best experience.