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Basic Cotton Canvas Aikido Uniform Set

by Tozando

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$54.00 - $69.90
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Aikido value set

This is a simple and practical single-layered Aikido uniform that contains a dogi jacket, pants, and white obi. It is made from a comfortable cotton canvas and has been specially made for aikido - there is no back seam which allows for comfortable ukemi.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marco Topo
Cooler practice!

In the high desert lands of New Mexico (USA )the temps are very high, this do gi is the saver! It does not make you over perspire and is lighter in the hot hours in the dojo while practicing… allows me to catch my breath easier too!



Luc Poon
Runs small, you get what you pay for

PROs: gi has ties at the waist both inside and outside to hold it closed. Fabric is thick enough for kata grabs, but not too hot. Sizing quite a bit smaller than other styles - look closely at the size charts. I’m a 4 in this uniform but a 2 in some others. The gi looks sharp and fits (me) well.

CONs: fabric quality doesn’t seem very good. Knees show wear already and I have only been using the uniform for three months, training twice a week. I do not have a hakama, so knees directly contact the mats. They are single-layer: not reinforced. Uniform also wrinkles hard in the dryer. I air dry mine.

For a third the price of a fancy uniform, this is a solid intro purchase.