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Take - Deluxe Cotton Aikido Hakama

by Tozando

Original price $133.03 - Original price $144.77
Original price
$133.03 - $144.77
Current price $133.03

The Take are a heavyweight set of hakama made from thick cotton canvas. Tailored specifically for aikido with a raised hem, stitched pleats and rubber koshi-ita - they are perfectly at home in koryu practice and other disciplines that require ukemi in hakama. Thanks to their thick and soft cotton fabric they are comfortable to wear and fall in, but can get quite hot in the summer months. Recommended for practitioners that do a lot of practical techniques that require robust ukemi.


Obi Length Specifications:

Size 22 to 24:

Front obi: 415 cm

Back obi: 207.5 cm

Size 24.5 to 27.5:

Front obi: 420 cm

Back obi: 210 cm

Size 28 to 30:

Front obi: 425 cm

Back obi: 212.5 cm

Color: Black