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Suzuka - Lightweight Summer Cotton Aikido Gi

by Tozando
Original price $111.93 - Original price $164.22
Original price
$111.93 - $164.22
Current price $111.93

Made from a single-layer weave of kozashi fabric, possessing a tighter texture than normal sashiko fabric, which feels smooth and refreshing to wear even during hot weather. The lower part of the Gi is tailored in the hishizashi style to make it lighter and more comfortable to wear. The Gi is lightweight, but durable whilst retaining the traditional appearance of a classic keiko Gi. Its texture does not become sticky and is perfect for wearing during hot and humid weather. Like all Tozando made Aikido Gi, this jacket is tailored specifically for Aikido practice - staying neat throughout keiko and allowing for a wide range of movements without becoming undone or escaping the Hakama.