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Jun - Bioclean Aikido Hakama

by Tozando
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$142.20 - $154.59
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These Hakama are made with a unique blend of Polyester and Rayon woven together with Deocell? fibers. Deocell? is a natural cellulose material which does not mask odors, but actually dissolves and eliminates them it's own anti-bacterial properties. Combined with the polyester and rayon blend it results in a wonderfully light pair of hakama that pro-actively wick moisture from you during keiko and then proceeds to eliminate the bacteria keeping you fresh. These Hakama are the perfect counterpart to our Yomogi and Hourai uniforms.

Furthermore the fibers are designed with personal use in mind and do not disrupt the PH balance of your skin. Gentle and comfortable to wear these are great for Aikidoka who prize freedom of movement. furthermore the anti-bacterial properties of the materials do not fade over time retaining their qualities through multiple keiko and washes.

Made by our tailors here in Nishijin, Kyoto - the Jun shares all of the expertise that go into our hand-made Hakama. The pleats are stitched on the inside line allowing them to keep their shape and definition throughout keiko as well as providing ease of washing and maintenance.

Obi Length Specifications:

Size 22 to 24:

Front obi: 415 cm

Back obi: 207.5 cm

Size 24.5 to 27.5:

Front obi: 420 cm

Back obi: 210 cm

Size 28 to 30:

Front obi: 425 cm

Back obi: 212.5 cm

Color: Navy