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Ai - Deluxe Aikido Gi

by Tozando

Original price $119.50 - Original price $149.50
Original price
$119.50 - $149.50
Current price $119.50

The Ai Dogi is made with a single layer of mid-weight Sashiko Cotton Fabric with hizashi stitching for the lower half, made to have the perfect balance of thickness and weight. It is not only durable, but also able to be used all-year-round. The Sashiko fabric is woven in Japan and has a very high standard in terms of texture and appearance. We have also tailored the back of the dogi without seam, making it comfortable and easy to perform ukemi in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely Perfect

This gi is everything I wanted and more. It fits perfectly, is super soft, and the natural cotton scent really helps the gi always feel clean when you are wearing it. Overall 10/10, perfect

Great craftmanship

I bought this gi in size 4 slim fit.
I am 180 cm and weighing about 72 kg.
This jacket fits perfectly.
I can highly recommend it !!
Thank you...

Great Gi, stays put.

This is a great Gi, a little heavier weight than my Sensei's Ai - Deluxe Aikido Gi from Tozando, and I love that it stays put so I have minimal futzing during class.

Great Jacket

This jacket is great. It's so light and soft, yet so strong and durable. The fit is great for me (I'm 151 cm and 45 kg, Size 2).
It feels very natural to wear and have a dignified look.

I personally owned 3 Ai jackets (1 retired, 2 in use) and I definitely recommend this jacket.

Quality product but sizing is not good

I am a male 100kg 181 cm. Previsously I had ordered Ryo dogi size 5 and that is perfect fit for me and I still use that one regurarly.
This current product Ai-deluxe gi I recieved this week and I ordered the same size 5.
When I got the product I felt really disappointed as it feels very small on width. This feels like a slim product even though I did not order slim version.

So the quality of the gi itself is great but the size is wrong for me and I can not use this jacket as it is way too small for my size :(