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Seiryo Hemp Kyoto-style Samue

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Made in Kyoto

Made of hemp, said to be the coolest of all-natural fibers. Please wear it for relaxing and going out in summer. The 100% Omi handmade chijimi hemp is comfortable to wear, and its crisp and refreshing texture will bring you coolness.

Traditional Kyoto-style

These beautiful samue, very popular among the many temples in and around Kyoto, are a wonderful way to relax or to use for light housework and other chores, which is the most common usage for these garments traditionally. Samue can also be seen worn by traditional craftspeople in Japan. 


Mixing ratio: 100% hemp
Fabric thickness: Slightly lighter
Season: Suitable for summer
Washing method: Hand wash or dry cleaning


S: 150 to 160㎝
M: 160 to 170㎝
L: 170 to 180㎝
LL: 180㎝+

Usually ships within 2 weeks.