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Daruma - Kid's Bogu Set

by Tozando
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The perfect starter bogu for young kenshi! Made with the same 6mm machine stitched futon as our other protective, durable, and maneuverable bogu, this kid's edition is the same bogu used by thousands of children starting kendo in Japan. Utilizing traditional orizashi cotton, it maintains a classic bogu look while not giving up any measure in safety. The men-himo guides on the men allow for young kenshi to learn how to wear the men properly and safely. 

Featuring the same duralumin mengane as many of our bogu, this light weight and easy to use mengane will ensure comfort and above all protection. The inner uchiwa is also made for comfort and is soft to the touch. 

The do has simple design that is made for ease of use with little hindrance on maneuverability. Made to be reasonably priced as well as practical, this is the perfect do for young beginners. 

Kote are a vital piece to any bogu. These well padded kote have a robust, well stuffed atama (fist area) to keep the hand safe. With a 6mm Orizashi kote futon these are perfect for allowing a learner the proper way to practice while also keeping them safe. 

Please allow up to 2 months for production of this bogu set*