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In-Stock Tozando Suzaku Iaito

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Tozando Full Custom Suzaku 

This is a beautiful work by our craftsman, truly showing what they can produce! This item is also a Newsletter exclusive for one week! This iaito is in stock and will ship in 2-3 business days! 

This sword will include a beautiful double-layered sword bag and fusa-himo to protect this amazing of one-of-a-kind iaito. These beautiful bags are made of genuine kimono quality brocade fabric and are each crafted works of art.  


Blade Type: Habahiro - Heavyweight Blade
Blade Length.: 2.45 Shaku (74.2cm)
Hamon: Nansei Ichimonji
Bohi: Futasuji - Double Groove
Hisaki: Shinken
Tome: Kakinagashi
Tsuba: Nami ni Koi - Iron ~104g (T-082-1IR4)
Habaki: Black - Antique Finish
Seppa: Gold Finish
Tsuka Length: 8.5 Sun (25.8cm)
Tsuka Shape: Ryugo - Hourglass Grip
Tsuka Material: Silk
Silk Tsuka Ito: Black
Tsuka Maki: Hineri Maki (Default)
Tsukasame: Fully Wrapped Tsukasame - Anshu Togadashi
Fuchi / Kashira: Kago - Brass (K-004-2BR3)
Menuki: Oogoi - Brass (M-079-1BR3)
Menuki Position: Hyojun – Standard
Saya: Wakasa
Extra Finely Lined Saya
Kurigata Position: Standard
Koiguchi Reinforcement: Ishime - Blackened Brass Reinforcement (G-028-3BR3)
Kurigata Reinforcement: Ishime - Blackened Brass (R-028-3BR-3)
Kojiri.: Kagecho - Blackened Brass (C-004-2BR3)
Sageo Material: Silk
Silk Sageo: Black
*As an in-stock item, this iaito is not available to return or exchange. All sales are final.