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In-Stock Full Custom Kinai Ryu Iaito

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This is a very unique piece with a rather short tsuka paired with a moderately long blade. The black tsuka same under black wrap truly allows for the gold of the fuchi kashira to shine through and stand out. This iaito is perfect for practical use in iaido or can be used equally as a display piece. 
Blade Length: 2.4 Shaku (72.7cm)
Blade Type: Hyojun - Standard (Up to 2.45 Shaku)
Hamon - Temper Pattern: Suguha
Bohi - Blade Groove: Single Groove
Hisaki - Groove Tip Shape: Standard Hisaki
Tome - Groove Finish Style: Standard
Habaki - Blade Collar: Black - Oxidised
Seppa - Washers: Black Finish
Tsuba - Hand-guard: Kinai Ryu - Iron (T-008-1IR4)
Tsuka Length:7 Sun (21.2cm)
Tsuka Shape: Hyojun - Standard
Tsuka Ito - Handle Wrap Color: Black Cotton
Tsuka Maki - Wrapping Style: Hineri Maki (Default)
Tsukasame - Handle Leather: Black - No Navel Knot
Fuchi/Kashira - Handle Fittings: Ryu - Copper (K-027-4CP3)
Menuki - Handle Ornaments:Shiyu Ryu - Alloy (M-014-1AY3)
Menuki Position: Hyojun - Standard
Saya Nuri - Sheath Lacquer: Kuroro
Shitodome Reinforcement: Silver Finish
Sageo - Sheath Laces: Iron Blue Cotton