Suzaku Custom Workshop Iaito Sword

  • Does your current iaito blade feel too cheap? Want something more real?
  • Looking for an authentic, high quality iaito made exclusively in Kyoto?
  • Need a fully customizable iaito to match your size and needs?
  • Is your iaito no longer serviceable as your skill level increases?

Suzaku Custom Workshop Iaito Sword

The Next Level in Iaido

As you progress in your practice, it's only natural that you find a sword that matches your skill level. Many of our dedicated customers expressed a desire for a more personalized and high quality blade forged in Kyoto, the heart of the historical martial art, to help take their iaido to the next level. That's where the custom Suzaku from Tozando comes in.

With the Suzaku iaito sword, you have a blade that is ahead of its class, fit for the serious practicioner in the intermediate and advanced levels. Made exclusively in Kyoto, the Suzaku blade is made of special reinforcement GT metal. The Suzaku looks, feels, and weighs the same as a shinken, giving you the authenticity you seek. Best of all, this sword is endorsed by the Kyoto Industry Development Consortium for the traditional craftsmanship used in its creation.

GT Metal for a "Real Feel"

Nakago tang image of Tozando Suzaku Iaito blade

Best Quality Iaito Available

While most iaito are manufactured using the more unreliable sand casting method, creation of the Suzaku sword employs an extremely precise "gravity casting" method, whereby molten metal is poured into a cast, making use of gravity and restricting harmful airflow that could otherwise create cavity-causing air bubbles. This quick-cooling process results in a specially reinforced and superior balanced blade that currently provides the absolute best quality for iaido practicioners.

The use of GT metal creates a stronger blade than your typical iaito sword. In some cases, GT metal is better than iron which is typically used for making Shinken.The reason is that iron shinken usually requires extra care due to its easy propensity to develop rust. Not only that, the weight of iron requires advanced skill to maintain perfect posture during each swing.

GT metal, however, has a much lower maintenance requirement, as it rarely develops rust. And because of its lighter weight, GT metal allows you to maintain perfect form while practicing.

As you can see, Suzaku is not only a beautiful blade, but also a practical tool for serious Iaido practitioners like yourself!

As Close to Real as Iaido Gets

While the Suzaku is not a shinken, it has the same look, feel and weight as a live blade–perfect for those who are in the intermediate and advanced stages of their iaido practice and looking for a sword that offers a little more in matching their skill level and dedication to their craft.

Made with Kyoto Quality

Iaito craftsman making Suzaku Iaito sword at Tozando workshop

Traditional Quality in the Modern Age

Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital and the center of traditional Japanese culture, is held in the highest esteem for its craftsmanship. That's why this special line of iaito are also highly regarded, as nearly every part of the Suzaku iaito is made in Kyoto. At Tozando, not only do our Suzaku iaito bear the "Kyoto Japan" mark–meaning they are endorsed by the Kyoto Industry Development Consortium for companies that protect and develop the traditional craftsmanship of Kyoto–but they are made by our staff of craftsmen who are also Iaido practitioners themselves.

Painstaking Detail

Typically, an iaito blade is made with a hi-groove tapered at each end to save time during polishing, but this is not natural to authentic Japanese swords. We take the extra time and effort to add the more realistic Marudome hi- groove that resembles a shinken.

While there may be more modern methods to finish and polish each Suzaku blade using machines, hand polishing by our skilled staff of craftsment helps bring out the personality in each sword to ensure your iaito truly is one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, taking the time to polish each blade by hand helps to clear the product of defects, resulting in the best possible iaito.

Images of Marutome Hi groove and Shinken style Hi groove


images of Suzaku Iaito sword fittings

Your Style, Your Suzaku

As stated above, each Suzaku is hand polished and inspected by our team of craftsment to ensure that each blade meets the high standards of Tozando and reflects the quality inspired by Kyoto. Each sword has a serial number carved so you know the quality is guaranteed. But that isn't all that makes each sword unique.

At Tozando, we offer full customization of your Suzaku iaito so you can practice in both comfort and style. The following options can be changed to match your needs and personality:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Tsuba
  • Fuchi
  • Menuki
  • Habaki
  • Saya
  • Sageo
  • Kurigata Shitodome
  • Blade Hamon

The Tozando Suzaku Iaito also comes with a sword rack and a carrying bag at no extra cost.


1 year of Tsukamaki warranty for Suzaku Iaito sword purchase

Tozando Guarantee

Is your current iaito not up to your standards? Do you need something more durable and serviceable as you continue to climb up the skill ladder? Not only does the Tozando Suzaku Iaito provide superior performance, but it is backed by a 1-year Tsukamaki rewrapping warranty, so buy with confidence knowing that should your Suzaku not live up to the standards we promise, we will replace your sword.

Free Shipping & Finance

Suzaku Special Offer

The Tozando Suzaku Iaito comes with a free shipping offer on top of the include freebies like a sword bag.

Also thanks to our financing solution for individual customers, you can now spread the cost. Unlike most financing solution provided by online stores, ours does not cost you a thing, meaning no rent and no extra costs. You can now use the Tozando Financing Plan to purchase Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi armors and pay in up to 6 installments. Financing is the most affordable way to shop on the Tozando online store. Click here to read more information about the Tozando Financing Plan.

Customer Voices

five stars ratingMordechai G. from USA - Great sword
I ordered the custom suzaku Iaito and it is great! It arrived pretty fast, the quality of the sword is very high it improved my training very much. Highly recommend.
five stars ratingDanaigun J. from Thailand - Best Iaito
I ordered extra light blade and it came to me with perfect quality, my iaido skill improved a lot with this iaito, thank to tozando
five stars ratingSebastian S. from Germany - Perfectly crafted Iaito
I received the Iaito five weeks after placing my order. It met my specifications exactly, the quality is very high, the sword as a whole is well balanced, beautifully crafted, and the blade produces a full and deep cutting sound which gives excellent feedback during kata.Top service, top delivery, top quality!
five stars ratingPhillip G. from USA - Outstanding Service
Spend good money on a good sword. This company is true to its heritage and you get an authentic piece of Japanese craftsmanship that's beautiful and can withstand the demands of daily, rigorous training.
five stars ratingNino P. from Netherlands - Tozando Suzaku Custom Iaito
I needed a new Iaito because Ryushin Shouchi Ryu techniques require a much shorter blade. This time I chose for a Suzaku custom because I heard mostly positive feedback about the brand.The details on the Iaito are magnificent. The tsuka is wrapped securely and neatly, the blade is straight and the tsuka fits my hands perfectly. The craftsman also got the balance of the Iaito spot on. Communication with Tozando is always good and as soon as the Iaito was finished I received my package in about 3 days (from Japan to the Netherlands). I can really recommend Tozando to everyone. Thank you again Tozando!

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So what are you waiting for?

With over 30 5-star reviews and a 3-year warranty guarantee, there's no reason to hesitate! Intermediate and advanced learners love the Suzaku, and we are confident you will find it helpful with your iaido training as well.

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