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Hand-stitched 2.0 Bu Kiji Men

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Kiji Menbuchi Hand-stitched Men

This is a very high-quality men from start to finish. The unmistakable fit received from a hand-stitched futon is second to none, while the 2 bu interval stitch makes for a comfortable and protective experience for the wearer. The all titanium mengane, found on many high end men, allows for better vision and unparalleled strength. A kiji, or unlacquered, menbuchi gives this men a distinct and traditionally classic look. Don't miss out on this extrordinary men at an equally unbeatable price!


Size: 69

Stitch: 2.0 Futon with gunome-zashi mendare

Kazari-gawa: Orizashi

Kazari-ito: Black 

Ago: 4 dan kazari Noukon Nanamezashi