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Do - Supreme Aikido Uniform Set

by Tozando
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Luxurious Aikidogi for Embu

Our thickest and most luxurious aikido uniform - the extra-thick double-weave of this dogi is designed for maximum comfort and to withstand relentless ukemi. We highly recommend this to dedicate practitioners who need to perform multiple and fluid ukemi in a randori or embu setting, or for those who train for long periods.

Made in Japan

Like all of our made-in-Japan aikido uniforms, the Do is designed specifically with aikido in mind but utilizes an extra-thick weave of sashiko cotton. This heavyweight dogi is still easy to move in thanks to the widened armpits and hishi-zashi tailoring. The back is also constructed seamlessly, allowing for painless zenpo-kaiten or ushiro ukemi.

Double-lined pants

The pants are double-lined from the thighs down for extra durability and comfort in aikido's many suwari-waza variations as well as shikko knee walking. Tailored by our expert tailors with the direct design input of practicing aikidoka - the Do is our ultimate aikido uniform.

As it is tailored and made here in Japan a range of cuts and alterations are available.