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Jakko Ayaori Kyoto-style Samue

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Made in Kyoto

Cotton blend twill weave suitable for fall and winter. The antistatic quality helps to prevent static electricity from creating static cling and also prevents dust from sticking to the fabric. Also, the water-repellent nature of the fabric helps to prevent deep stains making most stains easily removed by washing.

Traditional Kyoto-style samue

These beautiful samue, very popular among the many temples in and around Kyoto, are a wonderful way to relax or to use for light housework and other chores, which is the most common usage for these garments traditionally. Samue can also be seen worn by traditional craftspeople in Japan.


Blend: 70% cotton, 30% polyester
Fabric thickness: Slightly thicker
Season: Recommended for autumn and winter
Washing method: Machine wash (using a net)


S: 150 to 160㎝
M: 160 to 170㎝
L: 170 to 180㎝
LL: 180㎝+

Usually ships within 2 weeks.


Usually ships within 2 weeks.