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Aoi Kendo Gi

by Tozando

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Made in Japan

Japan's favourite Kendo Gi has returned! The Aoi Kendo Gi is the pinnacle of machine-tailored dogi. So comfortable, it feels as if you are wearing a hand-stitched dogi. This is thanks to two factors: first, the genuine Bushu Aizome dye from Saitama Prefecture and second the variable stitch-widths used by our experienced tailors in Iwate Prefecture.

Bushu Aizome Dye

Bushu Aizome Dye is what gives the dogi its unmistakable indigo hue. You can tell immediately that the quality surpasses common indigo dogi by its richness and the suppleness of the fabric. This makes it beautifully soft to the touch and a delight to wear and move in. Furthermore, the odour of the dye repels insects and has a mild anti-bacterial quality. This helps lengthen the life of the material allowing you to use it throughout your shugyo. The colour naturally fades with use and your own movements creating a unique patina that is a record of your training.

Our tailors have followed the traditional method of making the Aoi, including a back seam and shoulder panel for a dignified construction that gives your chakuso a noble appearance. Though stitched using a machine, our tailors have not used a uniform stitch width. Instead, they vary the width based on the parts of the dogi, so as to map to the parts of your body and their specific movements. This makes moving in the Aoi a joy and frees you to do energetic and dignified keiko.

Made entirely in Japan using traditional materials, the Aoi is the pinnacle of machine-stitched dogi and is only available here at Tozando.

  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Genuine Bushi Aizome Dye from Saitama Prefecture
  • Made in Japan by our Tailors in Iwate Prefecture
  • Backseam and Shoulder Panel for a dignified form
  • Variable Stitch-width for uninhibited movement
  • Hishi-zashi Tailoring provides extra comfort and a neat appearance
  • Pre-shrunk and washed for increased softeness
  • You can expect shrinkage of 1cm to 2cm after the first wash